What You Need to Know about Restonic Mattresses

Mattress Type and Components:
Restonic offers innerspring, memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses. All of the company’s current mattresses are sold as part of six exclusive collections.
  • The ComfortCare collection features innerspring mattresses constructed with gel memory foam comfort layers, and support cores with foam-encased pocketed coils and high-density base polyfoam. ComfortCare models are available in four firmness ratings: Euro Top, Pillow Top, Cushion Firm, and Firm.
  • The ComfortCare Limited collection also features innerspring mattresses. The comfort layers have a top layer of graphite latex, followed by a layer of gel memory foam; some models also feature a microcoil layer in the comfort system. The support core is designed with pocketed coils encased in foam and high-density base polyfoam, and the hand-tufted cover is made of wool and silk. ComfortCare Limited models come in four designs with different firmness ratings: Micro-Coil Boxtop, Ultra-Plush Boxtop, Cushion-Firm Boxtop, and Firm Euro Top.
  • The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection features mattresses with two layers of gel memory foam in the comfort system. The support cores are designed with pocketed coils encased in foam, followed by a layer of high-density base polyfoam. ComfortCare Hybrid Signature models come in six designs that vary by firmness level: Euro Top Quilted, Pillow Top Quilted, Plush Quilted, Firm Quilted, Plush Non-Quilted, and Firm Non-Quilted.
  • The HealthRest TempaGel collection includes memory foam mattresses with two layers of gel memory foam in the comfort layer and support cores constructed from high-density polyfoam.
  • The HealthRest Latex collection features mattresses with a latex layer in the comfort system and a support core made of high-density polyfoam.
  • The Brio collection consists of mattresses with latex and gel memory foam components in the comfort layer. The support core is made of high-density polyfoam.

What makes it so great:
  • Restonic mattresses are widely available online and at brick-and-mortar retail locations across the country.
  • Restonic innersprings and hybrids come in different firmness ratings to accommodate sleepers with varying sleep preferences.
  • Innersprings and hybrids from Restonic offer strong edge support, sleep relatively cool, and are considered responsive enough for sex.
  • Memory foam and latex models from Restonic conform closely to alleviate bodily pressure, produce little to no noise, and isolate motion to a significant extent.

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