Supersize My Sleep: What to Choose When King Size Isn’t Enough

When bigger, better, faster, stronger seems to be the mantra for our age it stands to reason that Bedpost too has to step up to the supersize-me generation.

Our seven-stage mattress and bed size chart has long been enough for the typical Kiwi household, but more of our stores are getting requests for something a little extra throughout all our ranges.

Because we’re New Zealand’s sleep specialists, of course we have a range of answers, from totally bespoke to the impressive two metre x two metre california king size beds – and, what’s more, we can troubleshoot any requests and ensure that you don’t sacrifice comfort and a healthy night’s sleep just for size.

Bedpost Hasting’s owner Michael White says he’s hearing more and more requests for california king size mattresses and beds.

“I’ve literally just ordered one today – a big california king bed in the very top end of the Beautyrest range," he says. “And you see it more and more, whereas 20 years ago when someone bought a regular king size bed it was a pretty big purchase, but over the past 10 years we’re starting to see a few more big beasts – and really big beasts too!

“A california king is effectively 2m square, which has some big bonuses because you can turn around in all the angles and utilise the whole surface whereas in a superking you can only really make the most of its size in that one direction."

The key elements to remember when supersizing your mattress choice, according to Michael, are:

  • Make sure your bedroom can take it. Although Michael sees a lot of customers from rural New Zealand who have large homes with large four-five metre bedrooms (“sometimes a king size bed just looks tiny in some of those big bedrooms"), some of the new builds – especially in cities – aren’t designing bedrooms that can accommodate huge beds.

  • Make sure you can get it to the bedroom. Again, it’s one thing carrying a california king size mattress into a wide, country-style villa or home, it’s a whole different matter finding a way to get it to a fifth-floor apartment.

  • Make sure you can get linen to fit. Michael says he always talks customers through their potential linen choices because it’s not always the sort of thing you can pick up in your local department store.

  • Make the most of the flexibility of buying Kiwi-made. Because more than 90% of Bedpost products are New Zealand-made, you really can trust our experts to find the precise product you want in whatever size you require. Michael says that the great working relationships all the stores have with bed frame suppliers, for example, means that it’s simply a matter of phoning them up and placing the order.

At The Bed King, we understand that there’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing mattresses – even at the supersized end of the market. And so that’s why all the sleep experts at all our stores throughout the country are clued up to help you find something that both fits your home and your lifestyle, and gives you a healthy, comfortable night’s rest.

“We find that customers might go to a variety of other stores and have discussions about their largest mattresses but they still don’t know all the key factors to consider prior to making that final decision,"

“And that’s the strength and what we believe in at The Bed King: we’ll find all those answers for you. The important thing is just to ask because we’re a group of people who have a fair whack of knowledge and the right contacts which enable us to get these sort of things done."

If you want more information on finding the best and largest bed for your home, contact The Bed King and head on in and enjoy our stunning customer service. If you’re just looking at various king sized beds - The Bed King have a wide range of king sized beds available.

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