From toddler to teen


Where do the years go? Time flies! Oh they grow up so quickly!

These are the common cries of parents as they are suddenly faced with their beloved babies growing into young adults, and as ridiculous as it sounds it can feel like it happens over night. One day you were painting the nursery baby blue or pink, and before you know it the cot’s been replaced with single beds as they grow up, and in no time you’re choosing grown up double beds for your teenage children, or for those with ample space and bigger budgets queen size beds.

And then you’re repainting once again, but this time it’s for young adults with their own ideas. The first thing to understand is that your teenagers are not trying to hurt your feelings by getting rid of all the ‘babyish’ decor in the room, they’re just growing up! This is the perfect opportunity for them to express who they are and to start discovering their own sense of style, or in some cases lack thereof….

The first step is to have a plan. Look at the space and decide what needs to change. Decide on a look that you want and from there build on it.

The first item to address once you have decided on the general layout is the bed. In most cases when revamping a bedroom for this age group a new bed is required. If space and budget allow going from single beds to double beds, or even queen size beds is a must. As children grow up their sleeping requirements change and to ensure the best quality sleep and support good quality beds are essential. If space is an issue, there are a good selection of three quarter beds available in most shops.

Another essential element of any teenagers bedroom is a study area. It is very important to create a space in the room that is conducive to school work – a comfortable chair and adequately sized desk is a must, as is a good reading light. The best place for a desk in also in space where there is natural light.

Once you have these then the rest of the room falls in place. It is then time for the fun stuff – choosing paint colours, revamping existing pieces and updating them – sometimes all it takes is a bit of time and coat of paint and what was once a childish piece of furniture is now on trend.

The process of upgrading can be a great bonding exercise and if approached with an open mind can also be quite fun.