Edgy Industrial Style Bedrooms

Industrial style bedrooms feature a minimalistic, clutter free aesthetic that is very trendy and looks especially fabulous in lofts and apartments but can even look great in your house. The design scheme mainly focuses on blending rough and raw materials with clean and streamlined furnishings and decor. When designing your space, it should feel open and airy, a showpiece to everything that relates to industry and fabrication. There are things you should consider when styling your room for an industrial look, such as the lighting, what to use on the walls and flooring, furnishings and even adding plants. Typically industrial is considered masculine, but it can be given a feminine touch using the right colors and accessories. When selecting your light fixtures, be sure to keep with the industrial by picking lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers in black and white or metal. You can use pendants with exposed wires and bulbs, but use softer lumens to create a dimmer ambiance with a soothing glow.

The most popular finish for walls is exposed brick (this can be left raw or painted white), but exposed concrete or wood cladding also works well. You can also add a focal point to the space with over-sized artwork. Feature walls should be painted in deep, rich hues, or you can go more bold and dramatic by painting a wall in black. The ceilings can be clad with wood, have exposed beams, wires, cords and ductwork which can be painted is you wish to further enhance the effect. Floors should be either clad with wood or polished concrete, if you wish to add some warmth underfoot, add an area rug.

Decorate with furniture pieces that are comprised of steel, metal or wood, they can be salvaged or vintage. You can mix with new pieces to create a nice effect. Use wood crates for your bed and place a mattress on top. They can also be used as end tables, media units or to hang on the walls for additional storage or as book shelves. Use metal pipes to create custom DIY looks for shelves, a bed frame, hanging clothes storage and lighting. Your bed could also be on wheels, creating a nice aesthetic and it makes it easy to change up the look of your space. Lastly, add plants to your bedroom, such as a ficus tree. They will help to create a cozy feel without detracting from the sleek industrial look have worked so hard to create.

If you are still hesitating on creating an industrial style bedroom scheme, thinking it is too rough or gloomy looking, continue looking through the images below for some inspiration that will help change your mind… enjoy!

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