Bedroom Essentials

There is so much advice given today about how to create the perfect setting in your bedroom and what to do to make the most of this most sacred space. Many of these tips are common sense, some of them are pretty obvious even. But, in order to make the most of this space we need to understand what it is we want from the space. The bedroom is a place of peace, of quiet, of escape and it is the place where we finally put an end to the day. So what is it that most people need, desire and want from their bedrooms. It’s quite simple, they want somewhere they can go at the end of the day and forget about it all. Somewhere calm, somewhere that provides sanctuary.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Keep your bedroom a shoe free zone

Our shoes collect all manner of dirt and germs when we walk in the streets. In many cultures it is customary to take shoes off when entering the home so as not to spread these germs. In today’s world, this is quite extreme, and might be quite awkward to ask guests to strip down to their socks, but you can do this in your own bedroom.

  • High tech? Low Tech? No Tech!

The bedroom is the place we go to when the day is over. Turn off your computer, your cell phone and your tablet and relax in the space. Your bedroom is where you unwind and switch off, and this is not going to be achieved if your laptop is not switched off either.

    • Beds and Bedding

    We all know the story of the princess and the pea: you don’t need layers of mattresses to hide an uncomfortable bed. The most important item in a bedroom is the bed, after all we sleep on beds and beds belong in the bedroom. Make sure you choose a good quality bed, and that you have the correct mattress too. A bad night’s sleep can set the tone for the day, and there is nothing that will contribute to poor quality sleep like poor quality beds and mattresses.

    Your bedding is also vital. Choose natural fibres for sheets, duvet and pillow covers where possible as these will allow your skin to breathe and will prevent night sweats.

    Pillows are as important as mattresses when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Select your pillows carefully. If you suffer from allergies, then seek advice as to which is the anti allergen pillow; if you have back or neck problems, select your pillows accordingly.

      • Pick a theme or colour scheme

      It is very important to have some sort of cohesion when it comes to the decor and design of your bedroom. You are creating an oasis of calm at the end of a hectic day, and you want the theme to reflect this. Choose calming neutral colours, natural fibres and warm lighting. Choose comfort over trends - make sure that you go for a timeless look in your bedroom as trends come and go, but the classics stick around forever.

        • Use your space wisely

        Some bedrooms are grand palatial spaces, and some are so tiny you couldn’t swing a cat in them. Make sure you choose the right beds for the space. If you are doing a children’s bedroom and space is an issue, think about bunk beds. If you are a student in a bachelor flat and space is scarce sleeper couches are great idea. If space is not an issue at all, make sure you go for beds that are comfortable and will enhance your quality of sleep.

        There are so many factors to consider when planning your bedroom, but just remember what the sole purpose and function of the room is. Sleep, and peaceful sleep at that. Create a place where you can go and switch off from the outside world, a place you look forward to being every night. A place of sweet dreams.

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