A Quick Guide In Choosing The Ideal Bed Size

Still clueless on which of the available bed sizes to buy? We’re here to help you.

Britain’s Sleep Council said that the size of your bed could affect the duration and quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep leads to lower productivity and other health issues. While mattress types matter, choosing the right mattress size can put you to sleep deeper and longer. A combination of the ideal mattress type such as gel memory foam mattress and size is a dream match for your bedroom.

In general, bigger beds bring more comfort and pleasure during bedtime. As a rule of thumb, beds should be about 15 cm (about 5 in) longer than one’s height and, for couples, should have enough room to for them to lie down side by side with their hands behind your head and elbows not touching.

But sometimes circumstances don’t allow you to buy your ideal bed. Budget constraint and small bedroom size usually affect your choice. To guide you in your decision, here are our recommendations for you:

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Article source: https://beddingstock.com/Blog/a-quick-guide-in-choosing-the-ideal-bed-size/