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Glorious Glorious Bedrooms

Is a Bed-in-a-Box Right for You?

The pros and cons of ordering a new mattress from an online retailer

What’s so difficult about buying a mattress? If you have to ask, you haven’t shopped in a mattress store lately. In the quest for a perfect night’s sleep, shoppers schlep from one cavernous bedding store to another, confronted by row after row of overpriced mattresses and huckster sales folks who claim, "I have such a deal for you."

Frustrated by this experience, a new breed of entrepreneurs is taking on the mattress industry with the promise of the perfect mattress at the perfect price—and no pesky salespeople. The catch? You have to order the mattress online, and it arrives on your doorstep compressed into a box the size of your coffee table. No store. No sales pitch. No kidding.

While Casper gets a lot of the credit for the concept, the bed-in-a-box was actually invented by a machinist from Johnson City, Tenn., in 2007, seven years before Casper launched. Bill Bradley, founder and CEO of Bed in a Box, built a machine that could compress and roll foam mattresses to a size small enough to fit in a shipping box. He trademarked the name and ran with it.

"The idea of ordering a mattress online, the same way you make much smaller purchases, is still a novelty, even though it has been an option for several years," says Claudette Ennis, an analyst who follows the mattress market. "Beds-in-a-box represent just a small part of the market today, but we’ve seen some pretty remarkable growth in this category."

According to a report by the trade publication Furniture Today, direct-to-consumer mattress companies now command 12 percent of the market, up from 6 percent in 2014. Most beds-in-a-box are foam, but some manufacturers have found inventive ways to cram innerspring and adjustable air mattresses into cartons, too.

To make the process as pain-free as possible, many bed-in-a-box firms offer free shipping, and generous trial periods—usually 100 days, sometimes longer—and return policies.

In short, they’re promising to make your sleep dreams come true. Our rigorous, scientific mattress testing and ratings will help you separate hype from reality and guide you to the choice that’s best for you.

Here, the best way to purchase and set up a bed-in-a-box from Bed King:

A Workaround for Comparison Shopping

One of the most frustrating things about buying a mattress has long been how difficult manufacturers make it to comparison shop. Unlike products that have the same name or model number no matter where they’re sold (a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, for example, or a Vitamix blender), mattress makers often give the same model different names depending on where it’s sold, making it almost impossible for a consumer to compare prices. (They might also make slight changes in construction or materials from one retailer to another.) So don’t expect a salesperson to be able to guide you to a comparable model.

Bed-in-a-box sellers have eliminated this frustration from the buying process by paring down the choices. Many of these companies sell just one mattress, betting that it will suit most sleepers. Our testing shows that in theory, at least, this approach can work.

"We’ve seen several bed-in-a-box mattresses come through the lab that perform consistently, at a level of Good to Excellent, for sleepers of every body size and sleeping style," says Chris Regan, a test engineer who oversees CR’s mattress tests. In fact, the top-rated foam beds-in-a-box score Very Good or Excellent in our support tests for petite, average, and large and/or tall sleepers.

Say Goodbye to ‘Try Before You Buy’

CR has long advised readers to lie on a mattress in a store for at least 10 to 15 minutes before buying. We still consider this critical. Our most recent mattress survey showed that the longer people try out a mattress before buying it, the more likely they are to be satisfied with their purchase. Ordering online prevents this opportunity.

Certain companies have worked around this limitation by teaming up with walk-in retailers. For example, you can now try a Leesa mattress at West Elm and buy it there for the same price offered at Casper has twin-size mattresses on display at Target that you can curl up on to see how they perform.

A handful of the large bed-in-a-box companies have showrooms in large metropolitan areas, so if you’re interested in a different brand but you’re not ready to buy a mattress sight unseen, check the company’s website to see whether it has a showroom nearby. If it doesn’t, you can refer to our mattress ratings. Find your size and favorite sleep position, and note the models that provide adequate support for you—and for your sleeping partner.

Unlike mattresses sold at retail, which are usually marked up significantly and offer more price flexibility, bed-in-a-box mattresses are generally sold at a fixed price, making it difficult to haggle.

But there are other ways to save. Check the sellers’ websites for special offers such as a free pillow, and go to, which lists mattress discounts and coupons with savings of $50 and up. Plenty of bed-in-a-box firms offer discounts around the same holidays that traditional retailers do—Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday. Use a website’s customer-service chat feature to ask about coming promotions or discounts.

Making Your Mattress Feel at Home

Mattresses usually arrive a few days to a week after an order is placed. Although the cartons are compact (the queen-size Lull, for example, comes in a 19x19x43-inch box), they can be heavy, ranging from 60 to 150 pounds, and difficult for someone to wrangle alone.

Shipping is often free, but for an additional fee almost all of these companies offer white-glove delivery, similar to the services offered by a traditional retailer. Casper charges $75 to $100 to move a mattress into a bedroom and set it up, and an additional $50 to remove the old one.

A bed-in-a-box, which is usually foam, is compressed and rolled or folded (or both) before shipping. Most manufacturers recommend unboxing a new mattress within a month or two after it’s delivered. If you’re setting it up yourself, follow the steps outlined by the manufacturer. If you bought a bed frame or platform, put that together first.

Because it can be heavy and unwieldy when fully open, always take the mattress to the bedroom while it’s still in the box, Regan says. "Once you take it out of the box, put it on your box spring or platform before removing the plastic." (See "Do You Need a Box Spring?" below.)

"Some will be wrapped in multiple layers of plastic; others have only one," Regan says. "You can use scissors or a knife to open them, but take care not to puncture the mattress."

Once the wrapping is removed, the mattress regains the volume that was lost when compressed for shipment. It can take a few minutes to a few hours for the mattress to regain its full shape.

The materials in new mattresses can give off an odor, some of which is caused by the breakdown of volatile organic compounds in the foam. "More research is needed to determine whether or not there are any chronic health risks from long-term exposure to VOCs in mattresses," says Don Huber, CR’s director of product safety. "The odor should dissipate in a few hours or, at most, a few days. You may want to wait until the odor goes away to sleep on your new mattress." Opening a window could help the odor dissipate more rapidly.

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How Long Does A Mattress Last?

After logging tens of thousands of hours on your mattress and sleeping on it every night (with the occasional nap), it should come as no surprise that mattresses have a shelf life.

If you’re not sure when to replace it, you’re not alone — it’s not something people usually consider until they’re moving or have noticed telltale signs it’s time for a new one. The exact right time, however, depends on a variety of factors.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a mattress lasts between 7-10 years, depending on how well you take care of it. There are other signs to watch out for: waking up achy or in pain, deep sags or dips in the mattress, sleeping better away from home, or visible wear and tear. If you notice any of these, it’s probably time to replace your mattress.

Mattress lifespans also vary by type. There are three common categories of mattresses: innerspring, memory foam and hybrid. Considering the characteristics of each type can give you a better indication of how long your mattress may last.

In 2019, innerspring mattresses are considered old fashioned. These mattresses are supported by steel coils and are typically less expensive than other kinds of mattresses. They range in firmness from extra firm to pillow top.

Innersprings usually need to be replaced more often than other types because, after years of constant use, the springs can begin to agitate pressure points as you sleep, making you uncomfortable and lowering your overall sleep quality. These may last on the lower cusp of the 7-10 year range.

Memory foam mattresses are made up of several layers of dense foam and are designed to conform to your body’s contour. This type of mattress tends to last up to 10 years, but owners can notice permanent divots in the mattress if you continue to sleep in the same position night after night.

Hybrid mattresses are just that — a combination of memory foam and coils. These retain the classic supportive feel of an innerspring mattress with the pressure-relieving benefits that memory foam offers. Hybrids fall more in line with memory foam at the upper cusp of the 7-10 year standard.

However, if you wake up stiff and sore, you could be experiencing pressure points triggered by your mattress’ coils, or perhaps your standard sleep position has worn down foam in certain areas, resulting in minimal support. No matter the mattress type, keep an eye out for wear and tear even before the 7-10 year range is up.

Because of the constant pressure, your mattress endures each night, it will naturally age and depreciate over time. There are, however, steps you can take to extend the longevity of your mattress:

1. Rotate and flip your mattress every few months so it doesn’t get worn down as quickly.

2. Use a mattress protector to extend the life of your mattress.

3. Clean it regularly.

There are two primary categories of mattress protection: keeping its shape and form and keeping it clean. By rotating your mattress at least every three months and being thoughtful about the strength and type of mattress, you’ll keep the bed in much better condition. On the other hand, keeping your mattress free of spills, crumbs, and dirt will not only extend its life but decrease the risk of bed bugs or dust mites in the crevices.

Let’s say your average mattress lasts you eight years. A lot can change in that amount of time — physical data, your sleeping preferences, the presence of a partner, etc. We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important to think seriously about the best mattress for you.

Luckily, shopping for mattresses doesn’t have to be a guessing game. There’s a scientific approach to finding a mattress customized to fit your precise sleeping needs. Bed King’s diagnostic sleep system Comfort Solutions Sleep Lab uses a combination of scientific data and mathematical calculations to make choosing a mattress that’s personalized for you much easier. With Comfort Solutions Sleep Lab’s™ expertise, you won’t have to worry about how long a mattress lasts for quite some time.

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Here are 10 tips to keep in mind while buying your first bed

All set to spruce up your bedroom and buy your own bed for the first time? Here are 10 tips to make the best purchase in your budget.

Katrina Kaif

One of the most important furniture you would ever buy is the bed. That is literally the one furniture that you can’t stop thinking about throughout the day. No matter what happens, ‘I can’t wait to hit the bed already’ is a thought that crosses your mind. But on a serious note, people need to spend more time and do a little bit of research when it comes to buying the right kind of bed and mattress. The wrong kind of bed can even affect your mental health because a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mood and your day eventually. You can nail those 'I woke up like this' selfies with the right bed!

Keep these ten things in mind next to you’re in a bed shop, trying to find the perfect bed.


Measure your bedroom properly and figure out what size will fit best in your room. A bed too big or too small will become too uncomfortable for you to sleep in.


A storage bed is something that is most advisable in case you have a lot of things in your room. You can also go for a fancier headboard where you can store the smaller things that will beautify it. Your bed should make your room look bigger and not stuffy.


Buying a bed is a long term investment and you need to make sure you are not overspending or paying too little for the bed. If you are buying a bed during an ongoing sale, make sure you buy your bed from a quality bed shop like Bed King. Go to several home furnishing stores, or preferably stores that specialise in beds and mattresses. Looking at a lot of options will help you figure out the best option.

The right and healthy mattress

If you have figured out the perfect bed, it’s time you decide on the perfect mattress. Now this is the most important part about finding the perfect bed. Do a lot of research on how to pick a healthy mattress. Spring mattresses can often result in acute back pain. Honestly, it’s perfectly okay to spend more money on a good mattress.

Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors stop the bed getting infested by termites and bugs. Try to spend a couple of bucks extra on a mattress protector to save in the future.

Guarantee and warranty

This should be one of your top 5 priorities before investing in a bed. Check the guarantee and the warranty of the products, especially if you are buying one on sale.

Adjustable beds

With so many different products and variety available, you can easily pick something that’s adjustable and foldable, even but promises a good night’s sleep at the same time. You can manage space better this way.

Do not buy the first one that you see

Take your beds on a test drive. Do not buy the first product that you see. It’s a lot of money and a long term investment, so make sure you look at a lot of options before you pick one. You might end up coming across the same thing with different prices in different stores.

Do not go shopping for a new bed when you're tired

When you are exhausted, any bed you lie on will feel the best since that is what your mind and body want you to do. Go shopping for a bed when you have slept well and are in a solid mood.

Sharp edges

For someone who has several scars and injury marks on her toes, thanks to bumping my foot at the foot of the bed, my advice would be to avoid sharp edges. This also helps in case you have kids at home.

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Contemporary sleeper couches

Do you fancy a comfortable AND stylish sleeper couch for sale to enhance your living room?

Modern sleeper couches are a practical piece of furniture for your living room, spare bedroom or home office. And while sleeper couches of the past have tended to have a reputation for being bulky, uncomfortable and not very pleasing to the eye, modern sleeper couches are a whole different story.

With new technology, memory foam mattresses and well-known furniture brands jumping on the bandwagon, modern sleeper couches are a welcome place for guests to lay their heads. Check out the sleeper couches at Bed King online or instore.

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5 Sleep Solutions That Don’t Involve Medication

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a newborn baby anymore and sleep has probably gotten steadily more difficult as you’ve grown up. I get it. We wind ourselves up throughout the day, deal with complex problems, put out small and large fires alike and by the time bedtime comes, sometimes our brains haven’t caught on yet. When that happens, you often have to get creative with tricking your brain into relaxing. Ideally, you should be looking at which beds give you the best night’s sleep.

Because Ambien is a dangerous and habit-forming drug, it’s not a suitable fix for everyone. If you’re looking for a non-narcotic route to a good night’s sleep, look no further. On this list, you’ll find 5 sleep solutions that don’t involve medication. From CBD to white noise machines and a bed air conditioning and heating system, there’s something for everyone to try so that sleeping well isn’t a random occurrence.

The Adjustable White Noise Machine With Your Rest In Mind

White Noise Machine

Why We Picked It: White noise machines are not just for napping babies. For those of us that live in environments that are either too loud or too quiet, white noise can provide a necessary calming effect that allows you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. The included LED nightlight allows you to read bedside before you fall asleep and it’s perfect for all ages.

The Sleep Aid That Won’t Leave You Groggy In The Morning


Why We Picked It: It’s not always easy to fall asleep. When you’re struggling to fall asleep, be it due to restlessness, anxiety or chronic pain, the Eaze full spectrum CBD pod from The Truth CBD Remiedies will bring you calming euphoria unlike any other sleep aid on the market. Lull yourself to sleep in utter relaxation with the psychoactive effects of THC.

The Blanket That Feels Like A Hug

Weighted Blanket
Why We Picked It: Available in a variety of sizes and colors, this 100% cotton weighted blanket will fit in with any existing bedroom decor to deliver you unmatched comfort at bed time. Whether you enjoy to be cuddled or not, sometimes having another person with you or consistently spooning you throughout the night isn’t feasible. This weighted blanket will deliver you the feeling of being held throughout the night without overheating you.

The Temperature Regulator That Clips Onto Your Bed


Why We Picked It: The best things in life are the things you can feel but don’t necessarily see. That’s BedJet in a nutshell. It conveniently tucks under any bed with a 6-inch clearance underneath and can regulate your sleeping temperatures to your ideal comfort anywhere with 66°F and 104°F. It’s quiet, yet packs a powerful punch of instant comfort to you while you sleep. You can even set each side of the bed to your perfect preference so that you are your partner don’t have to compromise on your ideal sleeping temperatures.

The Pillow That’ll Work With You


Why We Picked It: If you, like me, have to reach a very specific level of pillow configuration before sleep is even a possibility then you probably need a new pillow. Eight Sleep’s Ultimate Pillow is that pillow. Try it risk free for 30 days and return it no questions asked if it doesn’t work for you. Hot sleepers be damned, this pillow will deliver you luxury comfort that is normally only reserved for vacations.

Ensure that your bed is suited to your sleeping position, body type etc. Make use of the Comfort Solutions Lab at Bed King today.

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I found this cute blog about sleigh beds. Enjoy!

This week I’m looking for ideas for Munch’s new bedroom furniture. This will be her first ‘big bed’, as she has been sleeping in a toddler bed up until now. I already knew we wanted white furniture and after scouring online, I fell in love with the idea of a simplified white child’s sleigh bed.


I love House of Fraser and spied this ‘Adorable Tots Caprice Sleigh Bed‘, with trundle bed (great idea!), but it was a staggering R10000! Granted they assemble it for you and it includes the trundle bed and both mattresses, but still. I knew I could find a cheaper alternative without too much compromise.


There was no way I was forking out almost R10000 on a kids single bed. I have a whole room to decorate! So I scoured around and came across a nice example (including mattress) on sale for R2000, but not only was it sold out, the reviews weren’t great. There were comments talking about the quality of the finish on the bed. So my search continued. I found a near exact match from another store. - on offer for only R2500.
So in summary - you CAN get a gorgeous sleigh bed at an affordable price! Remember to look at the sleigh beds available at Bed King.

Mattress covers may not help with dust mite allergies

Based on two dozen clinical trials, U.S. researchers find that expensive mattress protectors make no difference in reducing dust mite allergies or their symptoms.
Up to 40 percent of the world population has allergies, and dust mites are thought to be one of the most common causes. Doctors often tell patients to buy special mattress and pillow covers despite a lack of evidence they relieve the problem, the authors say.
"Based on this analysis which combines data from many different studies, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to using dust mite covers to prevent allergic disease or to prevent symptoms," lead author Whitney Arroyave told Reuters Health.
Arroyave, a researcher with the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, and her colleagues combined results from 24 trials of methods to reduce dust mite exposure and prevent allergy signs and symptoms
The study team found that use of the mattress covers had a large effect in reducing exposure to house mite dust levels - about 20 percent - but this reduction had no statistically significant impact on house dust mite sensitization, or symptoms such as wheezing, asthma, runny nose or dermatitis.
The results are published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
Arroyave said it isn’t clear why dust mite covers don’t seem to be effective in relieving allergies, but it’s possible they don’t lower mite levels enough to improve symptoms, or maybe beds aren’t the main source of exposure for the dust mites.
"Or maybe it’s not the dust mite at all - maybe they’re not causing the problems," she said.
Arroyave said that dust mite covers cost around R1000, which is a burden, particularly for very low-income people.
"It’s expensive to ask them to pay for this," she said.
She added that other researchers have done bigger studies, looking not just at dust mite covers, but all kinds of dust mite prevention measures.
"They didn’t find any results either," Arroyave said, "so I think we’re just saying, you know, look at this again - maybe we need to revisit the recommendations." Dr. Samuel Friedlander, an allergist with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, said he doesn’t plan on giving up recommending dust mite mattress covers.
"What’s important to understand is that avoidance measures are very important for allergy controls, and one of the three ways we treat allergies by avoiding your allergies, medication and immunotherapy or allergy shots," said Friedlander, who was not involved in the new study.
"This article is helpful to show a single measure to control allergies is not always effective - we have to use multiple measures," he said.
"So the take home message for me is that dust mite covers are still very important, but they should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan," he said.
Researchers try to modify one thing at a time, to show a cause and effect, but in real life, allergists make multiple recommendations necessary to resolve patients’ symptoms, Friedlander said.
"If you do a single thing like dust mite covers, but you’re still exposed to dust from other sources in your house or work, or if you have other allergies like pets or pollens, then of course a single measure like dust mite covers is not going to be effective," he said.
Friedlander said he doesn’t want people to think that dust mite covers are not important.
"I think the point is that we need to make multiple recommendations to relieve multiple allergies that our patients are allergic to," he said. "Dust mite covers are very important, but they have to be part of a comprehensive treatment plan."
Mattress protectors from Bed King are not only helpful in managing allergies, but also to maintain better hygiene and prolong the life of your mattress.

Sleigh beds, stylish quality in your bedroom!

PHave you heard of the latest bed in the market? If you love all things young and fresh then this is the bed for you. Why settle for the standard base and mattress when you can get a stylish sleigh bed which replaced the need for a base and you get a beautiful sleigh bed made of the finest wood.
 Windsor Sleigh Bed Frame

Sleigh beds are the "In Thing" at the moment. Low priced sleigh beds from Bed King save you space in your bedroom and open the room in your bedroom. Replace the need for a base which means no more buying night frills to cover up your bed. The wooden sleigh bed is available in different colours that will suit your bedroom taste. They are available in white wood, brown, and black. They come with a standard headboard which is attached to the bed. No more buying headboards separately, save yourself the money and rather get you a foam or a spring mattress extra length at Bed King as well. Save time and save costs instead of buying your bedroom furniture separately. Gone are those days, now we are in the times of style and luxury.

These beds have unique centre support which offers three inner legs in the middle which support the mattress from both sides. They also have wooden planks on either side to give you the ultimate support. They come in four modern legs and extra wooden support around the edges to support your mattress. They come separately from the mattress so you have the buy the mattress on its own.

Whether you buy a Simmons, Mewer, or Comfort Solutions. Choose a mattress that is made of the best quality. Whether you want a latex, memory foam or spring mattress. Sleigh beds are ideal for the young graduate who just bought their first house or for the young couple wanting to add style to their bedroom. They are available in double, queen and king sizes.

In with new and out with the old. Sleigh beds style defined.

10 Top Tips for Choosing a Fabric Headboard

Choosing an upholstered headboard may not be something you spend a lot of time thinking about, but the perfect headboard can really transform the look and feel of your bedroom. To help you find the ideal upholstered headboard for your bed, we’ve created 10 Top Tips with some factors to keep in mind before clicking the add to basket button.

Headboard Padded

Top Tip 1 – Padding

If you’ve felt upholstered headboards before, you’ll already know that some are sparsely padded and uncomfortable while some are just right and others are decadently overstuffed. Consider your padding preferences when shopping around for a fabric headboard and decide on one with the right amount of stuffing or padding to suit you and your needs. For example, will you be leaning on your headboard in which case you will need a headboard with a suitable amount of padding to accommodate the weight of your head?

Top Tip 2 – Size it Up

It goes without saying that your fabric headboard should be in proportion to the size of your bed. This doesn’t mean that if you have a double bed then you need to opt for a double headboard – in some cases, the headboard can be a little larger than the bed itself but you should ensure that it is not smaller. If in doubt, measure up the width of your bed and compare the measurements to the headboard you are considering before you purchase. Remember – headboards which are wall mounted have no bearing on the size of your bed, whilst floor standing and headboards mounted to the back of your bed will have to match the size of your bed.

Top Tip 3 – Decide on your Headboard Type

Fabric Headboard Type
There are 3 types of fabric headboards available – headboards with struts, wall mounted headboards and floor standing headboards. Headboards with struts enable you to fit the headboard directly to your bed base therefore when you move your bed, the headboard goes with it. Wall mounted headboards are attached to the wall behind your bed at your desired head and remain stationary. Floor standing headboards attach to the bed and reach right down to the floor behind it. Your ideal type of fabric headboard comes down to your personal preference and the desired look you plan to achieve.

Top Tip 4 – Choose Complementary Colours

As with any furniture or accessory, you want it to fit in well with your existing décor. Choose a colour that complements the shade of your bed base as well as the paint on your walls to ensure the fabric headboard blends seamlessly. Remember that if your divan bed base doesn't suit the colour of the headboard you wish to purchase, you can always get a bed valance to cover the divan base.

Top Tip 5 – Decide on your Fabric

With so many different types of upholstered headboards on the market, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the fabric and finish of your new headboard. As with the colour, opt for a fabric that complements the other furniture in your bedroom and chooses from a wide variety of fabrics including jacquard, chenille, linen and even mock­croc!

Top Tip 6 – Opt for a Free Swatch

To ensure you end up with the perfect fabric for your upholstered headboard, buy from a company that offers a free fabric swatch service so you can see and touch exactly what you’re getting in terms of quality, colour and feel.

Top Tip 7 – What’s your Style

Style is a very personal thing and a very important factor to consider when redecorating. Upholstered headboards are available in a range of contemporary and traditional styles so you are sure to find something perfectly suited to your tastes. Traditional, tufted button and overstuffed styles look charming with a traditional bed base whilst a slick, contemporary fabric headboard upholstered in chic fabric with a minimalist design is perfect for a more modern look.

Top Tip 8 – Choose Made to Order

Shopping around and can’t find your perfect match? Why not have your fabric headboard made especially for you. Choosing a service that creates a headboard to match what you have in mind is one of the best ways to ensure you end up with the perfect style, size and colour for you. Not only will it be created to your specifications but you can rest assured that the quality of your handmade bespoke piece will exceed the quality of mass-produced factory made alternatives. Many headboard companies are even able to upholster headboards in your own fabric, perfect if you are looking for a direct match with other bedroom accessories.

Top Tip 9 – Buy Bed King


We’re proud to be South African.. Buying a headboard for sale from Bed King not only keeps the economy strong but ensure peace of mind as it means that your new product has been carefully manufactured by skilled and qualified craftsmen in a safe and ethical environment, whilst also reduces the chances of damage as its not been shipped from the other side of the world!

Top Tip 10 – Delivery

It’s not often that we’re prepared to wait a long time for a new purchase and buying a piece of furniture such as a headboard is no different. To make sure you have your new piece of furniture in the quickest time frame possible, choose to buy in-store or online from a company that provides an express delivery option.
Now that you’ve followed our Top 10 Tips for Fabric Headboards you’re sure to make the right decision and choose an upholstered headboard perfect for your bedroom. Discover our extensive collection of fabric headboards and find your ideal match today.

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The Bunk Bed Buying Guide for You

bunk bed room decor home

Bunk beds are an innovatively simple, yet an effective solution for small bedrooms with tight space. They offer space even when there is a concern for lack of space.Hence, more people can accommodate in the bedroom without any problem,whereas it would not have been possible with the arrangement under the normal bed.
But there are some criteria to look into before buying a bunk bed. One should pay attention to the following aspects of bunk beds so that one does not regret buying these bunk beds later on.
  • Before buying a bunk bed, be it cheap bunk beds or the premium ones, you should measure the height of the room. Otherwise, you may end up into trouble when you will not have enough space between the top bunk and the ceiling. There should be at least a space of 2 feet height from the top bunk to the ceiling so that the person who will sleep on the top bunk will not bump his head to the ceiling.
  • If you are a claustrophobic, then the lack of space between the top bunk and the ceiling may trigger anxiety and panic. Hence, before buying a bunk bed, you should be comfortable with the idea that there may be a chance that, there will not be much space that you might have expected.
  • If you have kids, then you should always go for the bunk beds with guard rails. These guard rails are the primary safety feature of the bunk beds. In case of cheap bunk beds, the guardrails may not be of an appropriate height which may pose a danger to the kids, as they can fall from the height and may get injured.
    • The guardrail should be at least 5 inches from the level of the mattress so that it can protect the kid sleeping on the top bunk.
  • The children under 6 aren’t advised to sleep on a bunk bed. If you have small kids, then you should not use a bunk bed for them.
  • Some bunk beds also come with a storage facility. It may be a cheap bunk bed or an expansive one, but this storage may help you a lot in organizing the room. If you have a room with tight space and too many objects to keep, then you will find it difficult to organize them, as there will be a lack of space to organize them. In this case, you can use bunk bed storage container to put things to organize the room in a neat manner. If you have kids in the house, then you can put his/her toys, clothes in the container.
  • There are also cheap bunk beds which come along with a desk. It greatly helps in organizing a small room, as you will not need to buy another desk for your kids to study. Thus, occupying even more space in an otherwise small room. These bunk beds with the desk is a great option where your kids can study. Hence, there is no need of other study table. While the top contains the bed, the bottom bunk will be the desk.
  • The budget will also be under consideration while buying a bunk bed. There may be a number of cheap bunk beds available in the market which may suit your need without putting stress on your wallet. But before doing that, you have to decide what are your requirements for investing in a bunk bed. Because depending upon the requirement, the type of bunk bed that you require may also change. So, you need to take this aspect into consideration before you buy one.
Hence, before buying a bunk bed, you should give consideration to these aspects of buying bunk beds. You will for sure end up buying the most reasonable one, like the bunk beds for sale at Bed King.